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I am a medical doctor with experience in systems and network medicine.

I completed my _PhD in molecular oncology and shaped it in the area of computer science.
“If you want to change the world in some big way, that’s where you should start - biological molecules. Those are pretty deep problems that need the same type of crazy fanatism of youthful genius and naivete that drove PC industry and have the same impact on the human condition” said Bill Gates in “Hackers - heroes of computer revolution”.

That is true, I’m fascinated with solving optimization problems in drug discovery to support designing evolutionary stable therapy to help human, but simulatenously to come up with faster ways of computations! As a passionate of _bio-inspired and _quantum computing I work on software to apply quantum algorithms to optimization challanges in drug discovery.

I also advise _highly gifted students and young scientists in their projects.

I love _traveling and _taking photos, in free time I also play digital_piano and do computational photos’ _sonfication.

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